IP-Enabling a 2011 Washing Machine
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2018-07-08 18:02Plot the usage statistics over the week.Dominik Schmidt6+15-49
2018-07-07 16:26Merge laundrysorcery.local:LaundrySorceryDominik Schmidt1+25-1
2018-07-04 12:26Add an example of clustering into the documentation.Dominik Schmidt4+48-2
2018-07-04 12:10Merge laundrysorcery.local:LaundrySorceryDominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-07-01 18:35Merge laundrysorcery.local:LaundrySorceryDominik Schmidt2+33-6
2018-07-01 18:09Add png export options to documentation makefileDominik Schmidt1+6-0
2018-07-01 18:09Remove the table of contents again, but write an abstract.Dominik Schmidt1+7-2
2018-07-01 18:08Add the subtitle to the documentationDominik Schmidt1+1-0
2018-07-01 18:08Set parskip and parindent to a prettier level.Dominik Schmidt1+2-0
2018-07-01 14:42Add the table of contents.Dominik Schmidt1+1-0
2018-07-01 14:42Convert scrreprt to scrartclDominik Schmidt1+14-14
2018-06-30 23:48Support svg export in doc makefileDominik Schmidt1+12-3
2018-06-30 23:42Write a large-ish latex document to describe the laundrysorceryDominik Schmidt8+351-5
2018-06-30 16:38Support a plotfile, that contains the points and their corresponding clusterDominik Schmidt1+14-1
2018-06-30 16:38Exclude clusters with no pointsDominik Schmidt1+1-0
2018-06-30 16:36Upgrade kmeans to kmeans++Dominik Schmidt1+21-4
2018-06-30 16:36Return both cluster and minimum distance from the closest functionDominik Schmidt1+3-3
2018-06-30 15:50Improve the clustering model where the variance is too high.Dominik Schmidt1+7-3
2018-06-30 13:45Filter out runs longer than 5 hours from the cluster list.Dominik Schmidt1+1-0
2018-06-30 13:44Enlargen interval to check the on_file to 20 secondsDominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-30 13:43Make guessTime font smallerDominik Schmidt1+3-0
2018-06-30 13:43Correct error in index CSSDominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-29 14:53Correct the method of updating the temporary gaussianDominik Schmidt1+1-11
2018-06-29 14:45Correct some programming mistakesDominik Schmidt1+3-3
2018-06-29 14:43Merge laundrysorcery.local:LaundrySorceryDominik Schmidt1+9-10
2018-06-29 14:42Don't add the outliers to the current gaussian right away.Dominik Schmidt1+26-3
2018-06-29 01:51Add th statistics to the details.html pageDominik Schmidt1+2-0
2018-06-29 01:50Add a stats-cronjob that draws nice and fancy graphsDominik Schmidt1+25-0
2018-06-29 00:49Rename to laundrysorcery_clusterDominik Schmidt3+8-8
2018-06-29 00:45Implement .in-files with m4-preprocessorDominik Schmidt5+21-17
2018-06-29 00:23Install the laundryclustery in install sectionDominik Schmidt1+1-0
2018-06-29 00:23Rename clustering.d to laundryclustery.dDominik Schmidt3+163-163
2018-06-29 00:22Add a cron.daily script for the laundryclusteryDominik Schmidt1+6-0
2018-06-29 00:17Add a Makefile rule for the clustering algorithmDominik Schmidt1+6-0
2018-06-28 23:58Implement guess of time left until washing machine finished in web-interfaceDominik Schmidt1+78-0
2018-06-28 23:56Use a callback function in readTextFile ajax request function.Dominik Schmidt1+3-3
2018-06-28 21:31Add a clustering algorithm to analyze the logfilesDominik Schmidt1+162-0
2018-06-19 22:28Add a circuitikz-variant of the schematicsDominik Schmidt1+12-0
2018-06-17 15:29Use SVG images rather than the power symbolDominik Schmidt3+229-7
2018-06-11 01:29Allow to write a log-file, which captures the turn-on and -off events with unix timestampsDominik Schmidt1+20-2
2018-06-11 01:28Move the on_file writing function to an extra function to reduce code duplicationDominik Schmidt1+10-5
2018-06-11 01:20Merge laundrysorcery.local:LaundrySorceryDominik Schmidt2+75-31
2018-06-10 22:21Remove left-over commentDominik Schmidt1+0-1
2018-06-10 22:20Make steady-state adaption rate higher again.Dominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-10 18:45Introduce CFLAGS in Makefile, defaulting to -OfastDominik Schmidt1+4-3
2018-06-09 00:53Throw away the 50 first measurements.Dominik Schmidt1+6-2
2018-06-09 00:34Reduce MIN_MEASURES to 100Dominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-08 16:19Add schematics to documentationDominik Schmidt1+42-0
2018-06-08 14:41Adapt web-interface to display since when the washing machine is offDominik Schmidt3+13-7
2018-06-08 14:32Introduce a MIN_MEASURES variable that holds how many measurements are at least required.Dominik Schmidt1+4-3
2018-06-08 14:28Use also the outliers to adapt gaussians.Dominik Schmidt1+0-1
2018-06-08 14:27Track when the machine was turned off.Dominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-08 14:17Implement polling instead of ISRsDominik Schmidt1+23-5
2018-06-07 21:03Add an additional element to the database doing on_state trackingDominik Schmidt2+2-2
2018-06-07 21:00Add a control panel to index.cgi and do a little stylesheetDominik Schmidt2+19-1
2018-06-07 15:34Rename .sh to .cgi, for easier handling in thttpdDominik Schmidt10+116-116
2018-06-07 14:53Correct off_variance to on_varianceDominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-07 14:49Improve the plots on laundrySorcery indexDominik Schmidt2+10-2
2018-06-06 21:25Start the service as user rootDominik Schmidt1+1-0
2018-06-06 21:05Reload sensor panels every 10 secondsDominik Schmidt2+18-0
2018-06-06 21:05Increase adaption rate of gaussians in "steady-state"Dominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-06 19:05Execute turn-off at start of programDominik Schmidt1+3-0
2018-06-06 18:29Add the on_file parameter to the .service fileDominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-06 17:41Update the service fileDominik Schmidt1+4-0
2018-06-06 17:14Improve delta_t to string conversion again.Dominik Schmidt1+15-22
2018-06-06 17:09Update hte install targetDominik Schmidt1+2-2
2018-06-06 17:07Improve the delta_t handlingDominik Schmidt3+25-15
2018-06-06 17:00Improve the timeSince function to include not only the largest part but all partsDominik Schmidt1+8-6
2018-06-06 17:00Use async requestsDominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-06 16:51Merge Schmidt2+6-4
2018-06-06 16:50Implement ajax live reloading of stateDominik Schmidt1+21-4
2018-06-06 16:32Implement time since displayDominik Schmidt2+52-8
2018-06-06 16:21Improve plottingDominik Schmidt6+23-7
2018-06-06 15:54Install systemd file in /usr/lib not /var/libDominik Schmidt1+1-1
2018-06-06 15:51Initial CommitDominik Schmidt7+263-0